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The Russian Fool game is one of the simplest card games, which does not spoil it at all, but only adds popularity among fans of excitement. It is not in demand abroad, like, for example, poker or monopoly, but every second person in Russia and the CIS knows it. At least because there is no need for any special gambling skills and professionalism. Only a good memory is important, as well as basic knowledge of suits and denominations.

The game Fool uses a regular deck of 36 cards. The number of participants is two or more, who can “answer” for themselves or split into a couple of teams. The title of the winner of the game is given to the one who will be the first to get rid of all the cards in his hands. As for the varieties of the Fool and the nuances associated with them, it is worth telling a little more about this.

The fool is simple: the rules of the game of cards in the “foundling”

This variety is considered the most common — it also uses a deck of 36 cards as standard and 2 or more players participate. The rules are very simple:

at the start, a person is selected who performs the function of a presenter and distributes 6 cards to all participants (including himself).;

at the next stage, the presenter opens one of the cards, the suit of which is considered the main trump card throughout the game;

the player who has the smallest trump card in his hands goes first — for this move, you can take any number of cards of the same status;

the initial “opening” round is usually counted after 5 cards;

the participant, “under whom all other players go”, can beat off cards with a higher status of a similar suit or with a trump card;

you can also throw the opponent those cards that match the status of the batters;

It is prohibited by the rules to give a player more cards than he can recapture based on the number of cards available in his hands.;

the participant who has successfully beaten off all the cards thrown to him is given the right to move — he must walk to the player sitting clockwise from himself;

before each new move, all participants in the game get as many cards from the common deck as necessary so that there are exactly six in their hands;

if the player fails to recapture the cards, he must take them all for himself, and in this case the participant sitting on the left side of the taker gets the right to move;

everyone who has run out of cards is considered the winner;

the last participant who had the remaining cards lost — he was left “in the fools”.

Playing the Fool online is not a novelty for a long time. Rather, a rarity is the gathering of companies wishing to spread cards. The rules in the simulators are identical to those that work in a normal game. Varieties also exist — a simple one, where only the participant who has the right to move throws cards to the opponent; a flip one, where several players can attack at the same time; a transferable one, when the player under whom they are walking can lay out a card of the same status next to the first card thrown to him and thus transfer the move to another participant.

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