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How to place bets in bookmakers: tips for beginners

All major bookmakers cover a huge number of events, which provide different betting options. A novice player can easily get confused among the variety of betting shops, so we have prepared an educational article. With its help, it will be easier for the user to immerse himself in the world of betting.

How do I start betting?

Thanks to the Internet, we no longer need to go to the sports betting acceptance point. It is enough to find a bookmaker who offers to make bets online. Before placing a bet, we register in the BC. We suggest giving preference to legal bookmakers — 1xStavka, Winline, Betting League and others.

Registration in such offices takes place in 2 stages:

creating an account on the bookmaker’s website;

registration in the MCC and identification of the person.

The user has the right to create accounts in different bookmakers, but it is not necessary to register with the same bookmaker twice. For such actions, the account will be banned.

Getting to know sports betting: we analyze the types of betting

Bookmakers provides a large number of sports supplies. Among them are ordinaries, totals, handicaps, express trains and so on. Let’s figure out how to bet in bookmakers, the most popular types of betting.

The resident.

A single bet or an ordinary bet implies a bet on 1 specific outcome. On the example of a football match , single bets occur with the following outcomes:

1 — victory of the hosts;

2 — victory of the guests;

X is a draw.

The winnings in this case are calculated using a simple formula of the bet size * coefficient.

If you didn’t know how to place bets in a bookmaker’s office before, it’s best to start with the ordinaries. It is somewhat easier to make a forecast in this case, which will allow a beginner to play the bookmaker.


Total is another popular type of betting, which involves betting on the total account in the event. There are two types of total in football: more or less, for example, TB 2.5 or TM 2.5. If you bet on TB 2.5, it is necessary for the teams to score 3 or more goals in total to win. In this case, the winnings are also calculated according to the formula of the bet size * coefficient.

ITB ITM in the BC line

However, you can find TB 2 in the bookmakers’ line. In this case, to win, the teams need to score 3 or more goals in total. If the overall performance of the match is 2 goals, the player will be refunded the bet amount. If there are no goals during the match or 1 goal is scored, then the bet is considered a losing one.


Handicap is a less popular exhibition for novice athletes. The essence of the bet is that we assign n-the number of goals to one of the teams. To figure out how to make bets with odds in bookmakers, it is enough to consider one example. A handicap of +1.5 for the hosts means that they have an advantage of one and a half goals, the bet will lose if the guests win by a margin of 2 or more goals. If the score is 0:0 or 0:1, the bet will still be won.

Accordingly, there is a minus handicap, for example, -1.5. In this case, the team needs to win by a margin of 2 or more goals. This betting option is often used when betting on favorites. For example, Barcelona is playing Getafe. Naturally, the Catalans are clear favorites in this confrontation, so the odds on their victory will be very low. It is impractical to put on an ordinary 1. In this case, you should make a bet with a handicap of -1.5 or -2.5.


Express set of different betting options (minimum 2). The outcomes of their one event cannot be included in one express. To win, it is necessary that all bets turn out to be winning, if at least one outcome does not come true, then the player loses. The payout amount is calculated by the formula of the bet size * multiplied by the coefficients of all bets.

If you do not know how to bet correctly in bookmakers, we do not recommend starting with express trains. Due to multiplication, the coefficient turns out to be very high, due to which such a game lures inexperienced players with the possibility of a big win. Before learning how to make express trains, we start with ordinaries or totals.

We do not recommend including more than 5 events in express trains. In this case, the probability of passage is significantly reduced.


The system is a set of express trains from selected events. Many experienced players prefer to bet on the system, while less experienced betters often prefer express trains.

If you do not know how to bet on the system, it is enough to analyze one simple example. So, we select 3 outcomes (including totals or handicaps). As a result, our system will be 3 express trains:

1 express — 1 and 2 outcome;

2 express — 2 and 3 outcome;

3 express — 1 and 3 exodus.

If we put 210 rubles on the system, then for each express 1/3 part or 70 rubles. To get a win, it is enough that at least 2 events turn out to be winning. Thus, we somewhat compensate for the risks. It is worth noting that before making a system, we select events with a high coefficient, otherwise, even in the case of a partial win, the user will still go to 0 or incur losses.

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